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Leading Manufacturers of Verizon iPhone 4 Cas

Choosing a case for your Verizon iPhone 4 can be a tricky job, mostly if you have not bought an iPhone earlier. There are many such things to select from, and many of them look greatly alike. If you don’t want to buy the wrong case for your new Verizon iPhone, spend time on research of the best iPhone 4 case brands and other brands. Some popular brands are Incipio, Otterbox, and i-Luv. All of these brands differ in styles in their line-up, which differ from each other.

Otterbox for iPhone 4

Otterbox is the single-most famous brand of cases used for all cell phones, mostly iPhones. The reason of their popularity is that they are mainly durable and offer your iPhone with great protection. A good iPhone 4 case is like actual bodyguards for your phone.

Otterbox has at present only launched one sort of case for the new Verizon iPhone 4, but they guarantee more are approaching. This case is called as the iPhone 4 Defender Series case and they are accessible for about $49.95. This is a really too much for iPhone 4 cases, but the high degree of protection is worth the few additional dollars.

Incipio for Verizon iPhone

Incipio is one of the most recent iPhone case manufacturers on the line, but holds a widest collection of Verizon iPhone cases available among all manufacturers. At present the different models of cases offered by this manufacturer are (from cheap to most expensive): the Feather Ultralight Hard Shell, the dermaSHOT Silicone, the NGP Matte Semi-Rigid Soft Shell, the EDGE Hard Shell Slider, the SILICRYLIC Hard Shell with Silicone Core, and the BOMBPROOF Silicone case etc. Thus it has become a great choice for your Iphone 4.

Of all the Incipio models, the BOMBPROOF gives the maximum level of protection, so it also costs a little high. The Incipio case for the Verizon iPhone 4 that is much sold is the iPhone 4 Ultralight feather Hard Shell. This case is perfect as it has the right balance of security and practicality. It is so thin that it feels as if you don’t have used any Iphone 4 case. The Incipio Feather also costs an affordable price of $24.99.

i-Luv iPhone Cases

i-Luv is also another renowned manufacturer of the iPhone cases. They specialize in making simple cases in dazzling colors. Several of their best selling cases are their flex-gel case, metallic case, and the most exclusive Verizon iPhone case that is all the rage on the market. Glow in the dark case is another popular case of I-Luv.

Apart from the above top manufacturers of iphone 4 case, there are also other manufacturers that make the Verizon iPhone cases. However, if you want a reliable and long-lasting Verizon iPhone case, you can consider any of the above leading manufacturers. Buying from the top manufacturers is also a credit in itself as you can show it off to your friends and colleagues with pride. So stop thinking and go for an exclusive Iphone 4 case today. For more details visit us at  htc forum, nokia forum, htc nyheder, nokia nyheder, sony ericsson nyheder, samsung nyheder, iphone nyheder, iphone forum, samsung forum, android nyheder, mobil forum and mobil nyheder