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Best Iphone 4 Covers In the Market

Nobody can deny that an iPhone 4 is a valuable possession than any other handset. There are thousands of amazing apps accessible in these phones. Hence an iPhone 4 needs much more care than other cell phones. Its body needs to be protected from scratches and the occasional head dive to the ground. We want protection, along with style and fashion. Nothing can offer all the flexibilities than iPhone 4 covers on the market these days. These covers are available with so many options. Hence choosing an iPhone cover that matches your needs can be difficult. Hence a few best-selling covers are mentioned below to help you.

Belkin Grip Graphix iPhone 4 covers have a cool laser etched design that covers the sides and body of your Iphone. The Grip Graphix is marketed in three very luminous colors of pearl black, royal purple, and vivid blue. This silicone case will firmly grip your phone and looks great. The Belkin Grip Graphix is available around at $24.99.   

The Case-Mate Gelli iPhone 4 covers are offered in a wide range of attractive hues. It is formed of a flexible thermoplastic material that is soft inside. This acts as a shield of protection for your iPhone 4. Each port features a custom cut out for whole accessibility. The Gelli has complete screen protector that offers 360° coverage.

Specks iPhone 4 covers have a unique style and design. The PixelSkin cover shows a textured grid design. The GeoMetric displays an intelligent design with a bold triangular pattern. The GeoMetric has an oilskin exterior to easily slide it into a pocket. This brilliant cover is offered at $25.49. The Fitted cover has a classic plaid design in white and black. It is a two piece hard shell having a soft matted finish. This attractive cover comes at $25.

The Moto Skin iPhone 4 covers are meant for people who want to add a sophistication touch to their Iphone 4. It’s a touch silicone skin with an amazing motocross tread design. Just like a racer who requires protective equipments against scrapes and shocks, the Moto Skin acts as the protective gear for your iPhone 4 and offer it a new look. 

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