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Protection for your iphone

The iPhone4 is the latest addition to the iPhone family. And if you already possess an iPhone4 then you must be a very proud owner. Being the owner of the most sought after new gadget you must protect it well. When you buy an iPhone4, remember to buy an iPhone4 cover with it.

Though iPhone4 is brand new, then also quite a number of different types of iPhone4 covers are available in the market. There are functional cases whose main purpose is to protect the phone and there are designer cases which enhance the beauty of your already beautiful iPhone4.

There are different types of iPhone4 cases ranging from the simple leather, plastic and rubber cases to polycarbonate and also silicone cases.

Leather cases are the most elegant of all the other cases and they are the one that are used the most by iPhone4 users. The Orion cases are quite good and these cases will fit your phone like a glove fits in your hand. The advantage of Orion cases is that they come in different colors other than black.

Rubber iPhone4 cases are quite protective. If you cover your iPhone4 with a cover made out of rubber then they will be well protected even when you drop them from a good height. The only defects that will be found on it will be the scratches on the cover. The only negative feature of a rubber case is that they attract a lot of dust but you can easily deal with this problem if you clean your phone regularly.

Plastic iPhone4 cases are quite cheap and are found in different colors and designs. You can change the phone covers regularly and match them with your clothes everyday. A more strong and sturdy form of plastic covers that is available is the polycarbonate covers. It is sturdy and has a rubber finish for better grip. It outlines the ports, switches and the camera lenses. They are excellent against temperature changes.

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